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Now available in paperback and Kindle editions!

A Letter for Hoot is available from online retailers or directly from Holly.

The Story

The murder of one of Cab Station’s own rocked the residents of the town, but the case soon goes cold and is apparently forgotten for decades. That is, until Nicholas Tucker Tyson—NT, for short—and his friend Daisy learn the identity of the victim. They start their own investigation, adamant that justice must be served.

They track clues and interview people who knew the victim well, only to end up with more questions than answers. Along the way, they befriend Hoot, who unknowingly holds the key to solving the mystery. In between golf practice, basketball challenges, and trips to the ice cream parlor, NT and Daisy relentlessly search for the truth. In the end, their beloved town of Cab Station is rocked once again as deep secrets are finally revealed.


Now available in paperback and Kindle editions!

Hot Ice, Cold Blood is available from online retailers or directly from Holly.

The Story

For Victor Sykes, business is good. His illegal diamond importing business is thriving, and circumstances require that he bring more people to his team. His niece and nephew, Rubi Lee and Zeke, are as dangerous as they are desperate, and they’ll follow orders to make sure everything goes right. But when the shipment of diamonds-sewn into the inner lining of a sweatshirt-is mistakenly confiscated, the entire operation is put at risk, along with all its players.

Ever since she moved to the heart of Washington, DC, Daisy’s life has been fabulous. She enjoys her new job bartending at the Black LaSalle, gets long with her boss Erin, and reconnects with her childhood friend NT-now called Nick-after a chance encounter. But one cold night when Daisy wears a left-behind sweatshirt home from the bar. she sets in motion a domino effect that leaves some of her friends in danger and others dead.

As Daisy and Nick try to decode the mysterious events plaguing the Black LaSalle, they are thrust into an elaborate heist involving the highest echelons of government-and when they come face to face with the criminals, not everyone will survive.


Now available in paperback and Kindle editions!

The Even Game is available from online retailers or directly from Holly.

The Story

It’s been nearly a year since the shootout at Margaux Ford Park that left Victor Sykes and Zeke Dixon dead. Daisy and Nick have moved forward with their lives, adjusting to a new, happy normal—including new jobs, a new home, and plans to get married.

But Rubi Lee, hell-bent on revenge for her brother Zeke’s death, will stop at nothing to ensure that their happily ever after won’t happen. Just as Zeke was ripped from her life, Rubi Lee vows vengeance—an eye for an eye.

As Rubi Lee sets her grand plan in motion, Daisy and Nick must team up with old friends to stop Rubi Lee once and for all. But Rubi Lee, cunning and intelligent, stays one step ahead of Daisy and Nick in this dangerous cat and mouse game, leaving a path of destruction and murder in her wake.

Holly Spofford’s The Even Game, the exciting conclusion to Nick and Daisy’s story, is not to be missed.


Now available in paperback and Kindle editions!

Snap Decision is available from online retailers or directly from Holly.

The Story

Lifelong friends Paige Buckley and Fina Manzetti are getting a fresh start in New York City. During her first week at a new job, Paige meets Max Dovic, a wealthy businessman. It’s an encounter that catapults Paige into a world she has never experienced.

As Paige falls into lust with Max, she ignores the red flags: how Max talks to people as if he owns them, his endless supply of cash, strange early morning deliveries to his yacht. Convinced Max is not what he seems, Fina and their friends Lindsey and Martha implore Paige to look deeper. During an outing on Max’s yacht, Paige discovers notebooks full of names, photos, and strange notes in a small, seldom-used cabin, a discovery that makes Paige agree with her friends.

After Fina disappears one night near Max’s yacht, Paige is torn between confronting Max and playing an evasive game to learn the dark truth. And when things become too dangerous, Paige realizes she’s a tiny fish in a massive pond. As Paige sinks deeper into this risky game, she must decide how to expose Max and escape with her life.