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june 2022

To say that this book is gripping is an understatement! Holly has an incredible way with words that draws a clear picture in your mind and pulls you right into it. If this were a movie, I would be peeking through my fingers!

Review, The Even Game

About Holly Spofford

Teacher. Murder mystery & thriller author. Athlete.

Holly the Teacher

Holly Spofford was born and raised outside Philadelphia. As a young girl, she set up classrooms at home and played school with her collection of stuffed animals as students.

It was no surprise, then, that she chose teaching as a career and taught middle school English for seventeen years. As well, she coached boys and girls sports for 25 years. Students most enjoyed the mystery unit she developed and refreshed every year. This unit served as the inspiration for her first novel, A Letter for Hoot.

Holly the Writer

Holly made the difficult decision to leave the world of teaching and the students she loved to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming an author. That goal became reality in 2017 with the release of her first novel, A Letter for Hoot. She followed that with her riveting, award winning sequel, Hot Ice, Cold Blood in 2020. Her second book was a finalist for Thriller of the Year by Killer Nashville and The Independent Author Network. It also was recognized by Indie Brag as a finalist in the same category. Her third novel, The Even Game, is a heart-stopping rollercoaster ride of a thriller. It is the last chapter of the Daisy Taylor and NIck Tyson story. Holly’s secret to developing her characters? She’s a people-watcher, and she sees characters and invents story lines just by observing.

Holly the Person

Reading, writing, swimming, playing golf with her father and playing with her grandchildren are among Holly’s loves. As an avid golfer, she believes golf and writing have many similarities. Both require patience, respect and practice. She believes that one must choose and execute the shots just like one must choose the words and write the story. Both carry risks. Both demand focus. Her third novel, The Even Game was published in March of 2022. Holly and her husband John reside outside of Philadelphia.

Holly Spofford’s Books

A Letter for Hoot

The murder of one of Cab Station’s own rocked the residents of the town, but the case soon goes cold and is apparently forgotten for decades. That is, until…

Hot Ice, Cold Blood

For Victor Sykes, business is good. His illegal diamond importing business is thriving, and circumstances require that he bring more people to his team. His dangerous niece and nephew, Rubi Lee and Zeke…

The Even Game

It’s been nearly a year since the shootout at Margaux Ford Park that left 3 dead. Daisy and Nick have moved forward with their lives, adjusting to a new, happy normal—including new jobs, a new home, and plans to get married, until…

Snap Decision

Lifelong friends Paige Buckley and Fina Manzetti are getting a fresh start in New York City. During her first week at a new job, Paige meets Max Dovic, a wealthy businessman. It’s an encounter that catapults Paige into a world she has never experienced…

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