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The murder of one of Cab Station’s own rocked the residents of the town, but the case soon goes cold and is apparently forgotten for decades. That is, until Nicholas Tucker Tyson—NT, for short—and his friend Daisy learn the identity of the victim. They start their own investigation, adamant that justice must be served.    

They track clues and interview people who knew the victim well, only to end up with more questions than answers. Along the way, they befriend Hoot, who unknowingly holds the key to solving the mystery. In between golf practice, basketball challenges, and trips to the ice cream parlor, NT and Daisy relentlessly search for the truth. In the end, their beloved town of Cab Station is rocked once again as deep secrets are finally revealed.  


A Letter for Hoot grabs the reader’s attention in the first few pages. This book invites you into the storyline with relatable characters and a hometown feel. The character descriptions are so realistic, you might even see yourself or someone you know in them. The book is fun, suspenseful, and detailed. Preteens to seniors will enjoy this book.”  

“I loved A Letter for Hoot! The detail in describing scenes and action adds greatly to the effectiveness of the story.  The character descriptions clearly define each person’s unique personality.  Clues along the way lead the reader to solving the mystery, but everything falls neatly into place at the end.”    

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A Letter for Hoot is now available from online retailers or directly from Holly. 

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